Born in Visingsö, Sweden
Since 1989 living and working in Copenhagen, Denmark

Expressive and colorful painting, drawing and collage
Visual artist and dancer inspired of different expressions with the same naturalness as her customers fall in love with the beauty of her paintings. Cathrine was born on the idyllic island Visingsö in Sweden, as she left as a teenager to be inspired and give to the world as she loves. Cathrine has jumped from the rocks in Croatia, driven motorcycle through Vietnam, studied classical dance and yoga in India and painted many of her works in Bali and India. Her style has a mystic quality and is inspired by magic, dancing, music and traveling – a celebration of life and joy.

– Diversity is prerequisite for my expression, she says

Textile – Vrå højskole, Denmark
Drawing and painting – Copenhagen Art school
Painting – graphic – sculpture  – The school of Art, Copenhagen
Classical drawing – Ny Carlsberg glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark
Multimedia design – Copenhagen, Denmark

Selected Exhibitions –
Spring Udaipur – Art camp Udaipur, India
Inspirit Gallery, Udaipur, India
Malling Beck Gallery, Hillerød, DK
BMB Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
Art & Frame, Copenhagen, DK
Gallery Egone, Copenhagen, DK
20/20 Visions – Copenhagen, Malmö, Amsterdam
Ministry of Education, Cph, Denmark
Tempelgården, Visingsö, Sweden
Kilroy Travel, Copenhagen, DK
Vesterbros censored exhibition – Gallery Project, Copenhagen, DK
Woman in Europe, Copenhagen, DK

She is a dancer/dance and yoga teacher and has performed many places in Denmark and India –

Cathrine Karlsson Kingosgade 3, 4tv. 1623 Copenhagen, Denmark.- art@cathrinekarlsson.dk – +4540511150